Review: A Year in Daljarn by Rebekah Cumming

If her life was a performance, she wasn't directing it.

When Annabell Worth leaves her high flying city life to take a housekeeping position in the north of Western Australia, she never imagined what she would discover in this largely unknown but highly unique shire that is Daljarn. She is captivated by the people and stories and amidst the red dust and history, she finds friendship, romance and secrets. But when everything she has come to love is suddenly challenged, Annabell is faced with a difficult choice that will change her life forever. Ind the shadow of her past and under the weight of great expectations, Annabell must find the strength to overcome all that is in her path.

Rating: 4/5

After a rather rough start, the story of Annabell draws you in and keeps you hooked. Rebekah Cumming has created some realistic and for the most part, likeable, characters. The story explores some of Australia's fabled history and sweeps you in to the red dust of the great North West.

Annabell is a ballerina with a promising career and a handsome boyfriend, and yet, she feels empty. Her life seems to be controlled by others and she's sick of feeling like she's just a pawn in their games. She wants a change, to re-evaluate her life. When her boyfriend suggests that she go up to the homestead of his former schoolmate and becomes a housekeeper, she initially balks at the idea ... could she survive so far from Perth and everything - everyone - that she knows and loves?

When Annabell arrives at Daljarn and meets the very handsome and fiery Scott Hensley she feels as though she's gotten in over her head. Can she and Scott learn to get along, without him blowing up at every little change she makes?

The area around Daljarn is stunning and Annabell soon discovers that it is rich in mineral deposits as well. The owners of the property she lives and works on are embroiled in a fight that captures the attention of the nation and the world, as a multinational mining corporation battles to get their hands on the natural resources hidden beneath the surface. Can Annabell help the family save their land from the money hungry miners?

A thoroughly enjoyable and easy read.

Publisher: 5 Fold Media, LLC
Publication Date: 10 November 2016
RRP: $33.00 AUD

I purchased this book for my own collection and was not required to give a review.

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