Books I Read and Where I Buy Them

The types of books I read are wide and varied, and include the following Authors and Genres.


  • Joel C. Rosenberg
  • Wanda E. Brunstetter
  • Rachael Johns
  • Sarah J. Maas


  • Australian Rural Romance
  • Christian Fiction & Non-Fiction
  • YA Fiction
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Mystery & Suspense
  • Biographies & Auto-Biographies

I do and will read other genres if they catch my interest, but I will not read or review anything that goes against my personal beliefs or moral standards. 

I will not read Horror, Erotica or LGBTQIA.


Where I buy my books

Most often I buy my books at the department store nearest to my house, which is easy and convenient for me as it's within walking distance and has a fairly good selection of New Releases - especially Australian Rural Romances, which I love! 

Please keep in mind that all of these stores, apart from The Book Depository are Australian stores and may not ship to other countries - in this case, I would recommend buying your books from The Book Depository or Amazon.



Department Stores:

Please note that these stores may or may not list books on their websites.

  • BigW - where I buy most of my Australian Rural Romance novels
  • Target 
  • Kmart

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