Review: Outback Sisters by Rachael Johns

Frankie and Simone are sisters and best friends, could a new man in town drive a wedge between them for the first time ever?

Cafe owner Frankie has been unlucky in love all her life. It's hard in a small town like Bunyip Bay to meet prospective partners. Her sister Simone lost the love of her life years before and is now devoted to raising their two teenage girls, leaving little time for romance. When Frankie is kissed by a handsome stranger who calls her Simone, its a case of mistaken identity - but who is this man and how does he know Simone?

Logan Knight is in town to meet up with a woman he has met online. Although raised on a farm with his brother Angus, he has travelled the world as a journalist and is now looking forward to meeting a girl and settling down. The girl in the cafe was an amazing kisser - but not the one he thought he was meeting!

Reclusive farmer Angus wants nothing to do with Logan's plans for improving the property's finances and finding a partner - until he meets the sisters at a wedding. Who is attracted to whom? More importantly, can Frankie and Simone sort out their feelings for the two brothers without destroying their very close bond?

A Bunyip Bay novel.

Rating: 4/5

Outback Sisters is the fourth novel in the Bunyip Bay series by Western Australian author Rachael Johns.

Bemoaning her single status one day, Frankie is shocked and more than a little turned on when a handsome stranger kisses her in the middle of her Cafe - imagine her disappointment when said stranger says he mistook her for her sister Simone, who is also single!

Logan has been chatting to Simone online, or at least, the person he thinks is Simone. So, who has been messaging him? And now that he's met Frankie, what is he going to do about the attraction he feels toward her?

Another fantastic read from the lovely Rachael Johns - if you haven't read her other books, you simply must get your hands on them!

Please Note: This book contains sex scenes.

Publisher: Harlequin MIRA

Publication Date: February 2016
RRP: $29.99 AUD

I purchased this book for my own collection and was not required to give a review.

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