Review: Between the Vines by Tricia Stringer

Set in the beautiful Coonawarra vineyards, a wonderful feel-good rural romance from bestselling Australian author, Tricia Stringer.

Taylor Rourke wants to change her impulsive ways when it comes to romance and not fall for any man on a whim, but on a hen's weekend to a Coonawarra vineyard, she meets Edward Starr. Gorgeous and charismatic, Edward is enough to make any girl give up her flat and job in the city and move to the country.

So it's something of a shock that when she gets there, Edward is nowhere to be seen. Not wanting to admit she may have made a mistake and return home in disgrace, Taylor accepts the job that Edward's younger brother Pete offers her and throws herself into her work, keen to learn as much as she can about the wine trade.

Taylor is thrilled when Ed returns, but she quickly discovers he may not be the man she thought he was. Her growing friendship with Pete causes tension between the brothers who have fallen out over a woman in the past. That's not the only source of conflict: Pete has a dream to save the family vines, Edward's dreams lie elsewhere.

As the lies and deceit grow, matters come to a head in a vibrant and demanding vintage season. Will Taylor's dream of a new life and love between the vines come true? Or is there only heartbreak ahead?

Rating: 4/5

Taylor is tired and just a little peeved that she agreed to chauffer her friends on their girls weekend away and reluctantly pulls into the Wriggly Creek Winery at her friend Cass' request. As designated driver she isn't allowed to sample the wares, but it doesn't stop her from checking out the cute guy behind the bar, his good looks and flirtatious nature sparking her attention. 

Edward is intrigued, and Taylor is hot, just his type - big boobs, curvy hips ... a man would have a good time with a bird like her. Only she keeps putting him off and its making him frustrated, after all she did unexpectedly turn up back at the vineyard after her girls weekend in Coonawarra - so he said she should come back and see him. But she hadn't responded to his text messages - he wonders what is going on, why what she back if she wasn't going to give him what he wanted. Is his brother making a move on his woman?

Pete is surprised to find a woman turn up unexpectedly at the vineyard, saying his brother had invited her ... only his brother wasn't home, and hadn't told him that he was expecting anyone. Offering her a place to stay until Ed returned seemed like the hospitable thing to do. And she was willing to help out in exchange for the accomodation. It seemed like a win win situation ... only why was she interested in his brother, she seemed too nice for Ed. He hoped his brother wasn't going to hurt her. But he had more important things to worry about, they were heading into vintage season and it was going to get busy, fast.

The brothers work together on the vineyard, but both seem to have very different ideas on how it is to be operated. Ed is talking about selling his shares to a Chinese buyer, and Pete is worried, he wants it to remain a family owned and operated vineyard - not sell it off to someone who doesn't know or understand the land or its history.  Can the brothers work through their differences in opinion and save the vineyard from outside investors? 

A fantastic read by Tricia Stringer.

Publisher: Harlequin MIRA
Publication Date: 2015
RRP: $29.99 AUD

I purchased this book for my own collection and was not required to give a review.

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