Review: Made With Love by Trisha Goyer and Sherry Gore

A Dash of Love, a Pinch of Hope, and a Whole Lot of Good Cooking

Lovina Miller should be thrilled. Pinecraft, Florida, has everything a young Amish woman could ask for: sun, sand, volleyball games, and evening singings in the park. But Pinecraft lacks the one thing Lovina desperately wants—a pie shop of her own. She longs for a place to gather with the community and serve the treat she loves.

A young carpenter named Noah Yoder strolls into her life and offers a way to make her dream come true. But before Noah and Lovina can build a shop—and a life—together, they must each face heartaches from the past. Is their new love stronger than their regrets?

Find inspiration, romance, and authentic Amish recipes for everyone’s favorite food—pie!

Rating: 4/5

A truly enjoyable read, with a strong plot and likeable characters. Tricia Goyer and Sherry Gore come together to create a delectable story with a delicious recipe at each chapter - what more could an avid Amish fiction fan want!?
Twenty-five year old Lovina has a dream - which is quite different to the dream that her mother has for her and her four lovely sisters. Lovina dreams of opening her own pie shop in the small community that they've recently moved to, only she can't find a place that would be suitable to house it. And when she does, its so run down that she wonders whether her father will approve - let alone act as guarantor.

Noah Yoder has a secret - a secret he's being blackballed for. He made a grave mistake in his teens and is trying to make amends by taking on his troubled cousin and his friends. He's hoping people in Pinecraft would be more understanding, but it seems he was wrong - the Amish grapevine travels just as fast as any other, even without the modern technology. 

Does Lovina's father approve of her choice of building, and will he act as guarantor? Will Noah ever make amends for the mistakes of his past? Will Lovina choose the dashing farmer Thomas, or the reformed bad boy Noah? And what of Lovina's mother, will she ever grant her approval for the choices Lovina is making?

Publisher: Harvest House
Publication Date: 1 August 2015
RRP: $14.99 USD

I received an ebook from the publishers via Netgalley for the purposes of a review, this review is my own personal view and is not required to be positive.

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