Review: Down Outback Roads by Alissa Callen

Kree Garrett's younger brother Seth is all the family she has left, so when he goes missing while working in the Australian outback, she races from America to join in the search.

To everyone's relief, Seth is rescued by local volunteers and Kree finds, in an abandoned Cobb & Co. Coach House, the opportunity to thank the community she's fallen in love with. But it isn't only the town she's fallen for.

Ewan Mackenzie has given up everything for his brother's family, but he can never give enough to assuage his guilt at what happened one dark night, years ago . . . Ewan knows he doesn't deserve happiness; however, with Kree he finds it hard to keep his distance.

Can Kree and Ewan leave the tragedies of their pasts behind long enough to find a future together?

Down Outback Roads is an enthralling rural love story, about family, community and allowing yourself a second chance.

Rating: 4/5
Kree feels at home in the little town that has taken her brother to its heart and come to his rescue when he was lost in the bush, and she wants to do something to thank them - and when she see's the abandoned Cobb & Co. coach house she knows just what to do, there's just one problem, the building is no longer owned by the town, but by a city based chef. She hopes they're willing to sell, because she has an investor in mind.
Ewan is tied to his past, he blames himself for the accident the night his brother died - but there was more going on that night than he knew. Kree stirs his soul, but he holds onto the belief that he doesn't deserve to be happy, that its his job to provide for his sister-in-law and his nephews. His friend, Travis, has other plans though and is quietly biding his time until Tish is ready to move their friendship to the next level.

Who is Kree's mysterious investor? Who is the artist that painted the closed wing of the local hotel? Does Ewan move past the guilt of the accident that killed his brother? When family secrets are revealed, can he forgive those involved?

A truly enjoyable read!

Publisher: Bantam Publishing (Random House)
Publication Date: 2015
RRP: Not Known
Availability: NOW

I purchased this book for my own collection and was not required to give a review.

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