Review: The Ruby Moon by Trisha Priebe and Jerry B. Jenkins

In this delightful sequel to The Glass Castle, The Ruby Moon opens as preparations begin for the upcoming Olympiads. Join Avery as she learns that a male runner is needed for an important race and she volunteers so that she can get close to the action . . . Can she hide her own identity? One slip-up could mean a trip to the dungeon - - or worse. Much is at stake while the kingdom enjoys the greatest games on earth.

Rating: 1/5

I initially chose to review this book because not only did the cover picture intrigue me, but because it was co-authored by Jerry B. Jenkins, who is well known to me after co-authoring the Left Behind series with author Tim LaHaye (April 27 1926 - 25 July 2016). Boy, was I wrong!

This book lacked a plot of any substance and characters are seriously under-developed. It wasn't until I'd read two chapters after a name was mentioned that I realised the author was actually talking about a dog! I suppose if I had read the previous book in the series I might have known it was a dog - and I may have also known the background story of the human characters, but I hadn't read it, and so was in the dark (and kept in the dark) about who they were, and why they were significant.

There is no world building - other than the "unsafe tunnels" beneath a castle and a hidden wing where  thirteen-year-old children hide and skulk around corners and in shadows with no real explanation as to why. There was only one mention of the Ruby Moon - but no real explanation as to its significance, apart from the King seeing it as some kind of good luck symbol.

This book raised more questions than answered them, and unless you've read the previous book in the series isn't really worth picking up (that is assuming the first book in the series is any better than this one). A disappointing read at best.

Publisher: Barbour Publishing Inc.
Publication Date: 1 October 2016
RRP: $14.99 USD

received an ebook from the publishers via Netgalley for the purposes of a review, this review is my own personal view and is not required to be positive. 

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