Review: Dark Rising by Monica McGurk

Can One Person Upend a Prophecy as Old as Time?

Hope Carmichael is on the run. The only question is, from whom? 

The mark on her neck has branded her as part of an ancient prophecy, the Bearer of the Key. But the Fallen Angels have misunderstood and think Hope is their long-awaited way to regain Heaven by force. Now Hope is chasing down the artifact that could open Heaven’s Gates, while seeking to destroy it before the Fallen catch up with her. Will the Triad crime ring track Hope and exact their punishment before she gets the chance? Is the ragtag band of angels surrounding her now there to protect her, or imprison her? And will Michael, the Archangel sworn to defend Heaven at all costs, be forced to deny his love for Hope and take her life, instead, so that the artifact won’t fall into enemy hands? 

The epic narrative introduced in Dark Hope continues in Dark Rising as Hope crisscrosses some of the most ancient sites in Europe and plumbs the depths of history in search of the truth about the Key, herself, and love. Exploring themes of identity, fate, jealousy, trust, and forgiveness, Dark Rising’s mythological scope and moral urgency deepen as we come to understand the choices and consequences faced by a young woman determined to follow her heart and chart her own destiny.

Rating: 4/5

Full of action and suspense, Dark Rising keeps up the pace set in Dark Hope.

Hope is increasingly concerned - is Michael turning? She seems to be absorbing more of his angelic powers, and he ... he seems as though he's becoming more human. How can she explain the scent of sulphur when he is near?

Michael is determined to protect Hope, even recruiting two other angels to assist him - although Raphael makes his displeasure known, Enoch is much more agreeable to working closely with a human. But why are the Dark staying at a distance? Why aren't they making themselves known? Have they even been followed? What are they supposed to do with the Key once it is found?

Once again, an enjoyable read!

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group
Publication Date: 30 June 2015
Format: Paperback
RRP: $15.95 USD

I received an ebook from the publishers via Netgalley for the purposes of a review, this review is my own personal view and is not required to be positive.

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